Doakes Ultimate SAMP Helper combines multiple helpful background SAMP features, such as backing up your chatlogs automatically or filtering your chatlog according to keywords.
You can read more about the features below the download area.
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  • Chatlog backup: If enabled, the ultimate SAMP helper will save a copy of your chatlog according to date and time in the path of: "My Documents -> Ultimate SAMP Helper -> MONTH #YEAR#". This will happen every time you quit the game.
  • Chatlog filtering: Click the tools tab at the top panel, select chatlog filter. You can then insert keywords at the right upper hand of the window, click the 'FILTER' button and receive a filtered chatlog segment.
  • Live sound alerts: Insert keywords such as "PM from" in the main window's right upper hand (Each keyword in a new line). Every time one of these keywords will appear on your chat during run time, a sound of your choice will be played to alert you of the received message.
  • (DISABLED) Upload screenshots: A pop up window showing all the screenshots you've taken during the last game play session will appear every time you quit the game, allowing you to choose which screenshots to upload.
  • Start with windows: Enable this to make the program start itself as soon as you turn your computer on.
  • Minimize to tray: When you click the minimize (-) button, instead of going to the regular toolbar, the program will be amongst the hidden icons.

How does it work?

The system of the Ultimate SAMP Helper was made to be as effective as possible. While you're not in-game, the program will use less resources.

When you're in-game, the system loops through all the recently received chatlog lines to see if any of your keywords are included within.

The system also remembers all of your settings/selections (Chatlog path, alert sound path, chatlog backup path, keywords, etc) using a simple config file located in "My Documents -> Ultimate SAMP Helper".